Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Many of you know that I have been working full time. I was asked by the mother of my daughter's best friend if I needed some work. I was hesitant to do it but I was also quite desperate because my husband had just been laid off again. I was asked to work for the production and inventory control of GEMFormulas. This is a gemstone therapy based company that provides materials and training for gemstone therapists and their clients. We offer a wide array of sprays for the aura, remedies for the energy within and the tools to become certified gemstone therapy practitioners.
  What they did not know when they hired me was that my father raised us collecting "rocks". He was originally studying to be a geologist when we went to college and to this day still collects rocks and fossils. We were raised around crystals and gems and knew which rocks were best for fossil hunting, which ones were mud rocks for footprints and what kinds of geodes would contain the better crystals. I was already well aware of many of the stones that I would be working with. There is also a very strong new aged natural healing element to our business. Again I was very versed in a lot of this and being quite open minded I was able to work with my intuition to quickly sort and grade out the stones that were less than healing quality. Another thing that I brought to the table was my many years of management and business experience. I was nice to utilize what I had learned prior to becoming a mom in a new field allowing me to use my mind, my spirit and my strengths as a person. This job seems to have been made for me!

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