Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bargain Bits-

*Follow up on a previous Bargain Bits*
I must be on to something, it was not long ago that I was telling you to be wary of the perceived sales that are out there. Granted I was primarily focused on KOHL's but the latest announcement by J.C.Penney's is right on point with what I was trying to say. A store offers it's merchandise pricing as it is taken out of the back room and put on shelves at a premium. Manufacturer's suggested price is more like "I wish someone would pay this price" . It is a pipe dream number and never even close to what people actually pay. When a store offers sales over and over they are really just bringing the price down to what they were expecting you to pay in the first place. J.C. Penney's is now taking off the veil.
Well they are to some extent at least. I suspect that this new revelation will only be a lower MSRP but to start off the pricing war at a lower level might cause people to take a chance on shopping there first.  I have to admit that when it comes to things that you don't want to wait for and you need to have now, to have it be offered at a lower starting price first might entice me to look in their store as one of my first stops. Of course I will also hit my other stores but I have a great sense of what things cost, how much I need to watch for and what quality vs. price really is. I think that for many people that do not want to fuss with coupons or discount stores that this could work.  I will have to see for myself if there is truly any value in this concept. After all the only thing I found of great value there last year was a free snow globe on the day after Thanksgiving. Oh wait, they ran out of them fast with the change in Black Friday hours.  I didn't even get to go in their store.  My friend Nicole had one to give me this year.
  To read the full article you can click the link here J.C.Penney's to get rid of hundreds of sales.
 Thanks to my Dad for referring the article to me. If you see something worthy of posting, let me know. I just might write about it! Happy Follow Up!

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