Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bargain Bits-

Today's bargain bit is about my notebook. How many times have you gotten to the store and looked at an item and thought that you saw it cheaper somewhere else? How many times have you found that even with the coupon you did not get the best deal? What I started to do when my husband was first laid off back in 1995 was keep a notebook of prices listing the things I tend to buy all the time. I track all of the weekly things like milk, bread, cheese, meats and such are always bought in the same quantity and consistently. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bargain Bits-

to know when its a great sale and how to stay organized in the process.One of my biggest pet peeves is finding out that what I thought was a great deal wasn't or if I pay full price for something only to find a coupon or sale the next day. So my first Bit of advice is going to be about my coupon binder.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back from the MAUL!

Well, I broke down and took my teenaged daughter to the Mall today to see what deals I could find and she could spend the gift cards that were burning a hole in her pocket. I have to say that I am not only less than excited but that I noticed that most of the sales were not really sales at all but rearranged prices that were the same prior to the holidays. Instead of a lower price I found just a lot of flashy signs pretending to offer a better deal. No matter how you look at it though buy one get one free is the same as 50% off. In some cases it even seemed that I had spent LESS prior to this week.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bargain Bits-

Day after shopping tips!
When it comes to the "day after" or "return day" shopping there are a few things that I keep in mind.

Don't be the first one to return. Many lines and many headaches later you could be walking out of the store miserable and empty handed.
Take your return in the form of a gift card rather than exchange. This way you can come back later when the store has been either restocked or what you want has been lowered again in price.
Make sure you know the return policy before getting in line. There is nothing worse than waiting forever to get to the desk only to have left your receipt in the car or id in a jacket with someone else. Also, many stores have a max dollar amount you are allowed to return. this happened to me at Target when I had to return a lot of things for a messed up baby registry and then during the holidays I was blacklisted on returns. It is always helpful to bring someone else with you just in case this should happen.
Know how much your gift card is worth before getting to the register, there are a few of them out there that will not work unless you type in the exact amount. This can make you highly stressed if you have to call the customer service from the register with a pile of people crabby behind you.
The best sales will be found a week from now not today. You might not have the same inventory to choose from but you will have better sales because after the new year, stores will be more anxious to clear the shelves. They are all banking on people shopping while on vacation this week. It is better to wait if you are truly looking for the best sales.
Be very patient with and friendly to the sales associates. It can be very beneficial to you in the end because they will be more eager to wait for you, help you find something or sometimes even excuse something that might be missing like a receipt. Sometimes it works but in the end it just makes their day brighter and that will always come back to you in the end. Happy Hunting!