Wednesday, January 25, 2012


2 min Egg'n'Cheese
I am always in a rush it seems. After all of the running around and getting kids on the bus, house picked up and then off to my regular work, I never seem to have time to eat right. When I had lost all the weight by cutting out the fat from my diet I had looked up what was the best meal choices while on the road. I had figured out that an Egg and Cheese bagel from Dunkin Donuts was ok for my meal intake. I thought that it had to be incredibly fast to make because they were always fresh and hot and ready to go from the time that I placed my order to the time I approached the window. I figured out how to make it fast, at home and for less $.

  First you need a bagel, an egg, some nonstick cooking spray and some cheese. You can use any cheese you like but I prefer shredded cheddar as you can use less of it, it has great flavor and it melts faster.
I spray the inside of a microwavable bowl a thin layer of cooking spray.
Crack the egg and put in the bowl. Add seasoning if desired. I like to add all of the seasonings on an Everything Bagel (garlic,salt, pepper, poppy seeds etc)
Use a fork to break the yoke and mix just a little so it does not explode
Put bagel in toaster and toast if desired
Put bowl with egg in microwave for 1 minute (I also cover bowl with a small plate)
Take out of microwave and place egg on bagel and then add shredded cheese.
Wait a minute for the cheese to melt and Voila!!

 It is filling with the protein in the egg, it does have carbs but I don't do that diet. I can use lower fat cheese as well as a whole grain bagel. All in all its a quick and filling meal that takes only 3 minutes max to make and be taken on the run. Happy Egg'ing!

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