Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Person-ality of Politics

We are all selfish- when it comes to politics at least. We are all motivated one way or another to look at our situations through personal eyes. Some people are motivated by a "greater good" or at least what they feel is good for the greater majority. Some people are more of the live and let live, defend whats yours and leave me alone. Some people are guided by what is going to directly affect their lives rather than looking at a bigger picture where many are affected and those changes that affect the many will ultimately affect them too.

I just received a notice from our Board of Education. They were trying to expand the kindergarten to an all day kindergarten program. Now I will admit that I am a bit on the selfish side since I have a child that will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. He is definitely in need of the full day as he is already past the need of a half day class. I also had the benefit of having my 3rd child attend the full day class as he was a "winner" of the lottery last year. I have had two children in half day and one in full day and there is a definite difference in what they come away from that year knowing. I want that for my last child. I want him to have that step up and that chance to absorb and retain all he will be rushed to learn in Kindergarten. But all the idiots that voted against our budget thinking that their problems lie in ADK - and will as a result look incredibly stupid themselves. I sat there listening to them complain about the increase, listening to comments like, "my kids did just fine in half day" and "I don't think that now is the time for an increase". I watched as the senior buses rolled in filled with elderly voters on fixed incomes to vote against the budget. What they do not realize that there will be whole states sending all of their children to full day classes. At the end of next year, my child might not be as far along as MANY other kindergarten students. All for what? They removed the program which meant that they will be laying off a teacher. So yet another family is destroyed by this economy. Nice... Oh wait- so that means that our town will be saving though right? A grand total of $48,000!! Hmmm- wait a minute- that is not as much as they all figured we would save- we have more than 48 people in our town so it wont save me $1000. We have more than 4800 taxpayers so that kills me saving even $100 A YEAR . So what exactly was this program going to cost us? Seriously- do the math you half day kindergarten graduates! Sigh- thanks for putting such a tiny price tag on the value of my child's kindergarten year and comparative future. I would not have minded paying it for you- even with us living without a job- kind of like that teacher you just ruined. I'm sure her children appreciate your selfish motives! Enjoy that trip to Dunk'n Donuts - your vote earned it. But only do it once because that is all you saved!
Then there are grander politics and grander scale motivations.
I am truly disgusted in all of the people out there who think that they don't need standardized health care- who are convinced that things are fine in their lives the way that they are. Well I'm so happy for them that they did not have children born with birth defects. I'm thrilled that they know NOBODY with cancer or heart issues where preexisting conditions are an issue. They are truly blessed to not have financial issues where money is no object and high copays and deductibles are not their problem. Perhaps if they are so well off they could hand me a handful of that excess so that I can take care of my child with cleft lip and palate- so that my other child with ADD can get treatment and so that I might be able to afford those routine exams that have such a high cost to them. I would love to know if I have breast, uterine and cervical cancer as I have had a lot of family history with all three. I would love to be able to send my husband to a physical exam to get blood pressure medication and a blood test since we already know he has had acute pancreatitis and a father who has had two major heart surgeries. Unfortunately we were unable to follow up with the tests because of insurance. Would be nice to live such blessed lives. I wont go further into this but to end with this thought. If you lost your job and could not qualify for insurance- could you pay out of pocket to continue to live? What about to take care of your child? Walk a mile in mine.... as they say.
I cannot for the life of me understand how any union based on love could be illegal- how any person should decide for another who they cannot legally spend their life with. There is so much hatred in the world. How can you possibly discourage adults to not love each other? Seriously? You claim its in the Bible- but again, a book written by humans-possibly inspired by God but written by man. I don't know about you but I have an automatic spell check on my computer and it corrects so much of what I have mistyped. I am an educated adult and still make mistakes. But you want to decide for other adults who they can love based on writings that were not even written by those that passed down the stories, never mind who said it first hand? Are you serious? I love the Bible, don't get me wrong. I love the lessons you can learn and the morals of many of the stories. I think of it as learning from the past. I really think that people need to encourage positive feelings they get from their faith because that is what having faith should be. Not imposing those beliefs on others- after all you gained that faith by experiencing the power of something great inside yourself right? Or were you just told what to believe and became a mindless lemming- what is it? And who made YOU God? Since when are you entitled to pass judgement on anyone? I believe in live and let live but I also believe in Love an let Love.
All of the politics out there have many sides- all have many motivations. I could go on all day about my opinions on many things- from guns to abortion. From immigration to environmentally friendly options and global warming. What is the point though. I admit that my thoughts are selfish and motivated by my life. I chose to focus on the ones that directly affect me most of the time but I do listen to the other causes out there. I try to be objective and open to both sides. There are just so many fights out there and many that should be fought hard. There are just as many that should be let aside for bigger pictures. I want to be able sleep soundly at night. Before I make and state my opinions on issues, I try to keep into consideration who my ideals will hurt rather than focus on how it will benefit me. Like the town budget, I might not like paying a little more but if its for the greater good- then perhaps my personal pocket based opinions are worth a little less than what is more important. And my personal opinions on moral issues are just that- personal. What makes my opinions of more value than someone else's. I respect theirs as well as they should respect mine. There should be some way to compromise and find middles- but that means someone will give in and power does not allow for that. Peace and harmony will only come when people realize that they need to balance with others instead of win. We live in a selfish world so I wont hold my breath.
My final note is regarding my thoughts on this new pick for a Supreme Court Judge- I always dread the confirmation hearings because it becomes a matter of "what side do you pick" and " how will you vote on..(insert any controversial topic)..". Pick someone based on their ability to make fair choices, on their ability to be impartial and just. Not based on whether or not they agree with your party line views. There are many more sides to a story and situation than just two. Basing our system on only two is ridiculous. I believe that there is no right or wrong, no left or right. No red or blue, black or white. There should be no Republican and no Democratic party - there should simply be fair and just leaders... end of story.... Now I have to get off my soap box because I'm going to heat my home with it rather than use the fossil fuels that will be reaching New Orleans shores soon... ;)

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