Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bargain Bits-

Today's bargain bit is about my notebook. How many times have you gotten to the store and looked at an item and thought that you saw it cheaper somewhere else? How many times have you found that even with the coupon you did not get the best deal? What I started to do when my husband was first laid off back in 1995 was keep a notebook of prices listing the things I tend to buy all the time. I track all of the weekly things like milk, bread, cheese, meats and such are always bought in the same quantity and consistently. I also will write down a list of what coupons that I have clipped so that I can look up prices to see if its worth the coupon. Last I will write down the things that I buy every once in a while but can't remember off the top of my head what the normal costs are. I then make my shopping list and plan my trip based on where the better prices are.  I have three different stores that I tend to shop at so I then will use a marker or highlighter to track what store had the better price. It does not always work but for the most part I know where to get what and who will typically have the best prices. My suggestion is to grab a notebook- divide the page into many  sections and that way when you see a new price you can write it in and color code where it was lowest. I have also done this on an excel spreadsheet but prices change so fast that its difficult to keep track at home. Give it a try and keep this in the front of your coupon binder. Happy Price Shopping!

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