Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back from the MAUL!

Well, I broke down and took my teenaged daughter to the Mall today to see what deals I could find and she could spend the gift cards that were burning a hole in her pocket. I have to say that I am not only less than excited but that I noticed that most of the sales were not really sales at all but rearranged prices that were the same prior to the holidays. Instead of a lower price I found just a lot of flashy signs pretending to offer a better deal. No matter how you look at it though buy one get one free is the same as 50% off. In some cases it even seemed that I had spent LESS prior to this week. Before we went I looked up and printed all of the coupons for all of the respective stores that we planned on going to. We had a $10 off $40 minimum purchase (didn't use) a 40% off coupon ("whole store" offered this so we didn't use) and another one for a percentage off of a snack. I think I saved maybe .20 off of my snack.  My best deals were the free samples from the kitchen store which of course I was hesitant to try due to the germs that were probably growing in the samples themselves. Sigh.... I think I will stick by my guns and wait until the retailers get a little more stressed over all of the leftover merchandise. I can't imagine them being happy over wasted racks filled with summer clothing that is still only being offered at 50-75% off original prices. I sometimes wonder what a person looks like that actually pays $50 for a tee-shirt. I can never pick them out seeing that my family is dressed the same (all be it at a much bigger discount) as the rest of those in the mall. On a positive note, since few were actually shopping...... we had a great parking spot!  ;)

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