Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Down The Drain-

1: a means (as a pipe) by which usually liquid matter is drained2 a: the act of draining b: a gradual outflow or withdrawal : depletion3: something that causes depletion : burden4: an electrode in a field-effect transistor toward which charge carriers move — compare gate , source
— down the drain
: to a state of being wasted or irretrievably lost

How interesting, My entire thought for today just shifted with the definition of what I started off with. Drain- well actually I was already thinking about the the verb drain or the concept of washing something down the drain. The entire thought came from thinking of what has gone down my drain in my bathroom shower. Lately it has been a combination of suds and other unmentionable bodily fluids for that I am certain. I am not blind to the reality that someone has more than likely relieved themselves in there in one way or another. Disgusting as it may sound, it is followed by more suds and then cleaning product so all if it has been ultimately washed away and sent down the "drain". I have also had my share of sending things down there, hair color to wash away the dark roots that have appeared after having kids. Tiny shavings of hair that were tapped off of a razor in order to make smooth my legs and bikini area. I know that I have added my share of nastiness with my recent cold and that would find relief in the form of a steamy shower. I would visualize with each glob of the mucous that would slide down the drain that I was one spew closer to recovery. For a moment I would even feel better for it.

Then there is also that feeling of peace when you have taken a scrubber puff and then sloughed off the dead skin cells revealing the fresh newer younger ones. Each time I watch the suds retreat down that drain I realize that I have washed away the day, the dirt and the dead skin along with the pleasant smelling suds. Its a refreshing revival and its all thanks to the drain.

So now I move on to the the real definition of drain- "to a state of being wasted or irretrievably lost". Now think about that for a moment- now read it again-

How much of our life is drained- how much of our days have been irretrievably lost- how much of our life has gone down the drain? What have we sent down that drain in a flood of suds and what have we coughed up with the desire to watch it swirl around our feet and watch it dissipate once and for all. What have we gladly washed away?

I have cut my hair with the thought that it would come back, I have colored it with the reality that it will always grow back in. I have washed away dirt and stress and the sweat of my labors and gladly stepped out of the shower free of its reminder of what I have done- but what did I truly wash down the drain? What did I lose that would never be replaced? Perhaps I am not ready to face the reality that life is dirty- that age is worthy of washing. Perhaps I am not ready to see what is right in front of me- that life stinks, that work stinks and that aging is something that makes life hairy and worthy of shaving. Maybe I am just living in the day of fresh and new, soft and refreshed- rather than rose colored glasses I have chosen to live in the smell of rose scented soap. Ok so maybe not rose scented since I hate that smell- but cranberry pomegranate and coconut scented shampoo is ok for now. It does what it is meant to- to cover the scent of what is life and what is reality- and what I could cover and "gradually outflow and withdraw" was washed down that drain- for now at least.

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