Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bargain Bits

Q:Is the Kohls sale really a sale?

I have lots of friends and family that swear by shopping at Kohl's. They wait until they get that coveted 30% off ticket in the mail and then run down to the store to buy their great sales and come home feeling accomplished because not only did they get 30% off of the 50% off items but they also walked away with $10 in Kohl's cash. Now Im not perfect as I have also run down there to get something with my 30% off tag but when I get home I always have a feeling of buyers remorse because they realize that the sweater they would not have paid the $95 for the sweater that they just got for $20 in the first place. How is paying $20 for that same sweater that you would have bought in the first place a bargain? Maybe if it were $5 or even $10 but to say that 80% off an overpriced sweater is really 80% is silly. Then there is the "Kohl's Cash" which requires you to spend at least $50 for that coveted money. This ploy always makes me say at the register,"I wasn't planning on spending that in the first place.... UGH... and I only need to spend $5 more to get the $10 back, hmmm let me grab the stuffed animal thingy over there to make the sale". OK, think about that... I just spent $5 on something I didn't need or want to get a $10 merchandise credit requiring me to return to the store within a specific time WHICH by the way is not within the time frame of my 30% coupon. Do you see where Im going with this? You have to be very savvy and aware of what you would have spent otherwise. I used to get K-Cups there for 30% off $12.99 which was a great sale since even though the $12.99 is a dollar more than other stores I was still saving $2.60 off the box. Now the boxes are $18-$20 so where is the savings? Don't get me wrong. I still shop there. ONLY when I have a 30% off however. Im careful and clever. But I also go in now with EYES WIDE OPEN. Here's to wishing you a 30% off!

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