Monday, January 16, 2012

Bargain Bits-

The Secret Smile of the Savvy Shopper Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are going from store to store with coupons in hand or your best thrift shopping circle of stores and you happen to see the same people shopping with you over and over again? I do this all the time. After the second or third store you realize that you are both there for the exact same reasons.... TO SAVE! When you figure it out is normally about the same time you notice that they are looking at you with the same look of,"I CAUGHT YOU!" That is when you both give what I call "The Secret Smile of the Savvy Shopper". Oh yes, its a real thing. Its when you both know that you are walking home happy with your great deals in tow and nobody else around you has any clue. Its almost like a secret handshake that lets you know its safe to share the sale. You feel special because you share the knowledge of the all powerful bargain. The best part is that nobody else in the store knows just what they are missing nor do they gain access to the highly exclusive membership. Ok, so that is getting a little stretched but you know what I mean. Not everyone takes the time to search for the latest coupons of the stores they will hit. Not everyone will take a quick look in all the local thrift and consignment shops in one day. Not everyone has the time, patience or desire to do what it takes to save those few dollars. What they do not know and why they do not share that secret look is that a few dollars here and there will add up fast. $5 here, $1 there, $10 somewhere else will add up to $100 savings in just a few stores and who can't use an extra $100? I know that I can for sure and I know that the person that I pass in all of these stores will also have that extra cash and so I throw them that secret smile to acknowledge their savings. Now for the bargain bit that goes along with this post- Go up and ask them what you may have missed.... I learned this tip while waiting in line on Black Friday. The reality that we were all out there waiting in the cold for something specific to buy just to save money made me realize that they may also have tips on sales that I had missed or overlooked. It never hurts to ask. And when you have seen the same people in the same stores over and over you know that they may have some tips that you have overlooked. They sometimes have extra coupons or coupons to a store that they will not get to that day. It may be one of the only times its OK to talk to strangers, there is savings in numbers! Happy Smiling!

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