Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bargain Bits-

Bigger is NOT always Better-Today as I was shopping at my local grocery store I was looking for the bulk meats because normally they are cheaper to purchase and then I will break them down into smaller parcels and freeze in the chest freezer for later. Today I saw that the boneless chicken breast was not cheaper to buy in bulk but the cleaned and trimmed chicken was the same cost and was already packaged into smaller portions. Make sure you check the prices of different things before you pick them up. Many times they might be offering the smaller portions at the same price as the family pack so it never hurts to check quickly. Today my savings was in the purchase of the freezer lock baggies that I did not use.Another thing to keep in mind is when you go to use a coupon, bigger is normally not better.
Its better to use your stacked coupons and buy the smallest size the coupon will allow and get it for free than it is to use them to buy the larger one. Free or greatly discounted is always better than a small percentage off of a larger package. I sometimes will collect stacked coupons and then buy several of the smaller packages for the same cost as one larger one. You can't use multiple manufacturer coupons on one item but you can use them on multiple items so get the discount and get the most that you can with what you have.My last tip on this note is about watching the price per unit tags. Sometimes it can be confusing to know how much you are truly getting based on the size of the package. The other day I saw a very large box of cereal that seemed like a great deal. It was priced at $6.99 and if you were comparing that to two separate boxes of cereal it might seem a great deal when the boxes are $4 a piece. When you looked at the actual ounces of cereal however you would notice that it was equal to two of the smaller boxes so you were not getting any real deal. In addition to that you could only use one coupon so it was not a sale at all. Instead it was wiser to use two separate coupons for two of the larger boxes which in the end made it the same cost as the one big box.In the end.... I bought 4 boxes of the generic cereal instead for the same $6.99. I left the coupons for someone else.

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