Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bargain Bits-

I have a lot of friends that are bargain shoppers. Each one has different strategies and different ways that they go about it. I have some that are coupon clippers and some that go to the clearance rack each week. I have some that will go out the day after Thanksgiving and some that wait to buy next years gifts the day after Christmas. I also have friends that comb the internet looking for savings. This I believe may be the best way to get the latest scoop and exclusive deals. Today a friend of mine sent me a post about Sketchers winter boots that were supposed to be $88 that were accidently on sale for $3 with free shipping if you had some free elite membership.
 Although I was a little late to the game and could not get past the "sorry but we are experiencing difficulties" page, I know that he was able to pick up a bunch of pairs for the discount. Sometimes these things happen and when you subscribe to many facebook groups and coupon clubs you will get the latest sales and discounts in real time as they happen. Sometimes they go really fast and you have limited time to get in there and take advantage of the sale so never hesitate. I remember once when I first started at this there was a misprint on a travel site that had flights for $1 one way. It was another mistake that had to be honored and it is what caused me to be more aware of what was going on out there.  Personally I have two email addresses, I send all of my bargains and deals and emails connected t this blog to one and my personal stuff to the other. This way I know to check them without being overwhelmed with a bunch of pseudo sales as well as daily email. Another tip was given to me to search out the best sales tip sites. You can do a seach inside of Facebook or just search in your favorite search engine. Then make a bookmark file and keep the pages linked in there. One of my favorites to use is . I can get coupon codes and latest finds from there and I will check them for an up to date link before I purchase anything online or in the mall. Its a great tip to know! Happy Surfing!

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